Engineering bureau

Design, support at all stages of project implementation
Thanks to the exstensive experience of our designers and engineers, we provide optimal solutions for our customers to solve challenging tasks.
Bureau Capabilities
We’re specializing in solving complex problems of our Customers. From idea and concept to product design, necessary means of production, and mass production of finished products.

A team of qualified professionals will help you find the best solution to improve the production process and product quality.
Product Development Stages
Discussion and analysis of the project feasibility
Everything starts with the idea of ​​our Client. We discuss the concept, check the practical feasibility and help formulate the Teсhnical enquiry. As practice shows: the more detailed it is, the higher the result.

Product design

It can be either a single product or a complex assembled unit. The technical and aesthetic parameters of the future product are discussed. The technological process of production is being developed.



Tooling design

Advanced software and designers with many years of experience will ensure optimal tooling parameters. FMEA and Mold Flow analysis is carried out.

Tool production

A team of experienced employees, state of the art equipment and an integrated production management system allow us to complete projects of high complexity just in time.

Control measurements are carried out by the measuring laboratory at each stage of the technological process, and for individual components of the equipment, guaranteeing the high quality of the final product.


We have the option to test tools on own production sites. We have at our disposal a fleet of equipment for a plastic injection molding (23 injection molding machines), and Zn and Al die casting facility (12 casting machines). As result of the tests we deliver samples to the Customer with the specified parameters both for the part itself and for the performance of the tool.
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